Paperless Fire Inspections


MobileEyes Inspector & Inspector+ enables Fire Marshals and Inspectors to perform fire inspections customized to address the community’s varying structure and inspection types. Given its mobile platform, the software allows fire inspectors to quickly create detailed, professional inspection reports in the field. The Inspector Plus upgrade enables invoicing and financial reporting associated with inspection and permit fees, further enhancing an already robust product.


  • Paperless documentation for real-time communication of life safety hazards.
  • Complete accurate inspections with preloaded codes, standards and local amendments.
  • Custom and NFPA, ICC, or hybrid inspection checklists for comprehensive and accurate reporting and inspections.
  • Inspections securely archived and indexed for easy review.
  • Versatile Inspections
    • New construction, existing commercial buildings, care facilities, educational institutions and industrial facilities
    • Fire inspections, life safety inspections, code enforcement inspections, OSHA Inspections, Sprinkler Inspections, EOC inspections, JCAHO Inspections.


  • Easily share data to other desktop or mobile systems with easy to use export features.
  • Email copies of reports to business owners.
  • Reports sent to fire departments, inspectors and firefighters in the field.
  • Automated reporting between sprinkler & alarm contractors and AHJs.
    • Automated notifications sent for system impairments, critical deficiencies and non-critical deficiencies.
  • Required responses automatically added to MobileEyes Inspection Schedule.
  • Export and email year-end management reports easily and efficiently.


  • Incorporate your custom fee schedule into MobileEyes for efficient fee calculations.
  • Handles all billing and accounts receivable tasks.
  • Collect fees, issue and log building permits and schedule inspections.

Overall Software Benefits

  • Software includes spell check, standard responses, signature capture and handwriting recognition.
  • Comprehensive support.
    • Occupancy or facility records pre-loaded along with custom code sets created for your department,.
    • After initial Certified MobileEyes software training we provide professional ongoing support whenever you need it.
  • Licensed agreements with NFPA and ICC to protect against copyright infringement.
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