Illinois State Fire Marshal is mobilizing State Inspectors with MobileEyes

Posted by: meMarketing on 12 Jul, 2008

Illinois State Fire Marshal is mobilizing State Inspectors with MobileEyes™

Innovative system handles customized reports for 15,000 annual inspections

Troy, Mich. (July 21, 2008) TradeMaster, Inc., the creator of MobileEyes™ mobile inspection software, recently completed a significant project for the Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM). The OSFM Division of Fire Prevention includes 15 inspectors across three regions who conduct 15,000 inspections annually. “Not only do these inspectors have a demanding inspection load, they conduct
approximately 70 different types of inspections, each with a customized checklist,” said Tom Gorman, vice president of TradeMaster.

The process before MobileEyes™ was quite labor and paper intensive; inspectors now spend far less time handling paper and doing clerical work. “One of the key requirements for selecting MobileEyes™ was to help them eliminate a cumbersome paper-based system,” added Gorman. “We’ve easily accomplished that. No longer do they have to use and carry around 70 different carbonless checklist forms; now everything’s available through MobileEyes™ from their tablet PC.”

The new system helps the inspectors increase the number, accuracy and timeliness of inspection reports. It also helps to reduce the rework and trips back and forth associated with code research and report preparation. In addition, MobileEyes™ helps to escalate the resolution of code violations.

Schedulers for each region of the OSFM respond to numerous inspection requests from state agencies and individual businesses on a daily basis. The tablet-PC and webbased MobileEyes™ system includes a scheduling tool that facilitates a simple process for inspectors who work from different locations throughout Illinois. The workflow moves seamlessly from the person in the regional office scheduling the inspection, to the inspector in the field performing the inspection, and on to the supervisor in the regional
office who approves the inspection.

Typical of large-scale software projects, the success of the Illinois implementation had as much to do with customer support as it did with technology. Joe Krehel, TradeMaster president and CEO said, “Projects like this one really allow us to showcase our strengths. We have very innovative software solutions, yet beyond that our team is exceptional at providing the support services and managing the details that make or break the success of any large project.”

As an example, it was very important for the Illinois inspectors to have easy access to thousands of past inspection records that reflect years of inspection history. TradeMaster’s support team was able to accomplish that requirement saving OSFM hundreds of hours had they attempted to rekey everything. In addition, TradeMaster ensured that the inspectors were well supported by delivering on-site training at the primary OSFM regional offices, then following up with weekly coaching sessions with a certified MobileEyes™ trainer.

Inspectors will also save valuable time when new fire codes are adopted, because MobileEyes™ has the built-in capability to transfer each customized checklist to its newer edition. It is estimated that prior to implementation, a task like this could easily have taken two to three weeks. Now, it can be done in two to three hours. Krehel added, “It’s really gratifying to take part in projects like these—helping state and
local government organizations as they improve the way they work. Working together with OSFM, we’ve helped to save time, paper, and fuel. At the same time, inspectors can complete more and better inspections which will potentially save lives and property.”

About TradeMaster, Inc.
TradeMaster, headquartered in Troy, Mich., is a leading provider of technical support software solutions, including MobileEyes™ fire and building inspection software. The company provides off-the-shelf, user-friendly products not only to state and local government entities, but also to manufacturing companies that are struggling with equipment downtime and throughput issues. In the manufacturing industry, TradeMaster’s tools simplify the repair and maintenance of complex equipment and
enable paperless data collection and reporting of ISO, OSHA and inspection data. Customers include global firms such as Ford Motor Company, DaimlerChrysler AG, Delphi Corporation, Merillat, Tower Automotive, Fort Wayne Foundry, Land Rover and Comau. For details about MobileEyes™ inspection software, visit, and for information about TradeMaster’s manufacturing technical support software, visit

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