Pump Graph Reporting – Worse Than a colonoscopy!

Posted by: meMarketing on 28 Apr, 2014

Creating a pump graph may be worse than getting a colonoscopy—at least you’re asleep during the colonoscopy!

According to our customers including fire alarm, fire sprinkler system, and sprinkler & alarm contractors or technicians who do this routinely, creating manual pump graphs is extremely tedious, complicated, and requires hours at the kitchen table or in the office. Hundreds of variables come into play as fire sprinkler and alarm technicians capture, enter, and compare sprinkler and fire suppression pump results with results from previous periods. Applying formulas, plotting points, drawing graphs, and comparing results for hours on end—it makes your head hurt. And in the end, the result is typically just one or two pages of the overall fire inspection report, but it likely represents 90% of the time and effort spent creating the final report that gets delivered to the client.

So here’s some great news if you’re still creating pump graphs by hand—stop it! It’s time to let technology fulfill its long awaited promise of reducing your drudgery, saving time, and automating the process. Get yourself an easy-to-use inspection software product like MobileEyes System Inspector and improve your bottom line! MobileEyes is easy to use, it eliminates the possibility of errors, and best of all, it enables you to complete and deliver your inspection reports much faster. More reports, more invoices, more bottom line.

…and now that you’ll have more time, don’t forget to schedule your colonoscopy if you’re over 50.

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