How To Beat The Budget Crunch Without Compromising Safety

Posted by: meMarketing on 25 Apr, 2014

Are budget cuts and manpower reductions causing sleepless nights? Do you worry that your fire inspections, building inspections or re-inspection schedules are on a slippery slope? Do you feel like the guy who is up to his neck in alligators?

You aren’t alone; we hear this story every day from fire marshals, first responders and building inspectors coast-to-coast. Dealing with shrinking budgets is a daunting task. How can you provide the same level of safety with reduced resources? As many departments from across North America can attest, MobileEyes software can help solve this conundrum.

TradeMaster, the company that develops and distributes MobileEyes software, is dedicated to helping fire and building departments find practical solutions to the common problems that are faced day to day The MobileEyes team is serious about serving as partners and problem solvers—our sole purpose is helping fire marshals, fire chiefs, responders, life safety and code enforcement inspectors, sprinkler and alarm contractors and building officials. Whether a private-sector sprinkler and alarm contractor or a small municipal fire, building or code enforcement department or a statewide fire prevention agency, MobileEyes is quickly becoming the software of choice for eliminating paper-based inspection and pre-fire plan processes and resulting in 25-40% more inspections without increased personnel.

The MobileEyes suite of software products spans building and permitting inspections, pre-incident planning, life safety and device Inspections. These products can be used individually, or integrated into one seamless system. Scheduling, inspections, reporting, and invoicing processes are automated and coordinated—products can be added as you grow and develop your processes.

The MobileEyes reputation is characterized by excellent products and responsive support. We encourage you to speak directly with our customers and learn how MobileEyes software products have benefited them—and how our customer support team is always available to respond to questions and provide assistance.

Give us a call to discuss your current situation and your future vision. We will listen, asks lots of questions, and help you assess your process—and if it makes sense, we will recommend a solution that includes MobileEyes. Worry won’t solve your problems – but maybe MobileEyes can help.

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