7 Reasons to Use An Inspection App for Fire Safety Systems

Posted by: meMarketing on 03 Jul, 2017

It’s no secret that the world is headed in a digital direction. We all know that technology can improve many things in our lives. Still, can an inspection application really improve the inspection process of fire safety systems?

The fire safety industry is more competitive than ever. It is increasingly more important to stand out from the competition. The last thing you want to do is compete in a low price war. This will only continue to slice your margins thinner. So, how can you do to get a leg up?

Having a competitive advantage is the key. One great way to gain a competitive advantage is by making your operations run more efficiently. To do this, you need to streamline and standardize your inspection process. Streamlining work and standardizing processes is all about saving time, and saving time means saving money.

Instead of just working harder, you and your team should be working smarter. To work, as efficiently as possible you need the right tools for the job. In this case, the right tool is an inspection application.

Switching to an inspection application is like switching to power tools. Sure, you can use hand tools to saw boards or screw in nails, but when is the last time you went past a construction site and saw the workers using nothing but hand tools. Obviously, they are using power tools because it makes them much more efficient (otherwise, it would take forever to finish a single project). Even though there is a higher upfront cost for those power tools, they more than pay for themselves with the increased efficiency.
Inspections are very similar. To illustrate how much more effective your company could be, here are the top 7 reasons why alarm and/or sprinkler technicians should be using a mobile inspection application:

Be More Professional

Let’s face it, even if every technician had perfect penmanship (unlikely), handwritten reports still feel outdated. With an inspection application, technicians automatically generate standardized ITM (Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance) Reports. These customizable reports featuring your company logo will ensure that you will stand out against your competitors. Also, spell check is built into every part of the process. So you no longer have to worry about sloppy handwritten reports with misspelled words that reflect poorly on your company.

Receive Payments Faster

Using an inspection management program can help reduce the amount of time it takes to receive payment for the work your technicians conduct. Using a mobile inspection application means that inspectors can pass inspections to the front office immediately after completing their work. Techs can upload their reports using any network connection. These findings, along with an invoice, can now be sent the same day the work was completed. Getting the reports and invoice to your customers quicker means that you getting paid sooner.

Remain In Compliance

NFPA updates their codes and standards at least every 3 years. You can save countless hours by having forms automatically update to the latest versions. More importantly, it guarantees that all technicians have the latest procedures and guides at their fingertips at all times. Should you ever find yourself in the courtroom, having to defend your methods, you can point to the built-in procedures guides that direct your techs at every step of the way.

Manage Scheduling

Make your team much more efficient with built-in scheduling tools. Keeping tracking of all of your customers’ various inspections can get overwhelming. Having a system that keeps track of everything for you, will keep inspections from “slipping through the cracks.” Use geo-mapping to assign inspections by territory to eliminate wasted travel time and manage appointments with block calendars.

Make Inspections Easier

Having the results of all previous inspections with you at all times makes it easy to quickly compare against previous results. Additionally, when technicians are able to use a standardized form that matches up with all of the referenced standards from NFPA, they are able to complete inspections much more quickly. Further, retyping reports can be a huge drain on resources. With reports automatically generated, office staff won’t waste countless hours reentering handwritten data from technicians into a digital format.

Manage Technicians Remotely

Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate all the back and forth trips to and from the office? Technicians can use their inspection application to upload their reports to your cloud database from any internet connection. Technicians download their schedules from anywhere in seconds, then upload completed inspections back to the web just as quickly. This ensures that they will spend less time driving between customer sites and more time conducting inspections.

Manage Customer Accounts

Paper files leave you vulnerable to unnecessary expenses and risks:

  • Hard copies take up too much space
  • Employees waste too much time trying to find particular folders
  • It costs too much money to keep everything organized
  • It is not environmentally friendly
  • Documents and/or Folders can get physically lost or damaged (more money and time wasted)

Being able to access data from anywhere makes life easy. Plus, having multiple backup files (in multiple locations) allows you to finally have peace of mind.


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