Michael Evans

Deputy Fire Chief

Brighton Area Fire Authority

"Our inspectors love this product they love the efficiency and the ease-of-use. MobileEyes has been a one stop shop for us."

Brighton Area Fire Authority wanted to start a company-based inspection program. They started off with a few other programs that ended up being failures, so they were taken off the shelf and the department went back to pen-and-paper inspections. Other software solutions simply were not working for their dept., so Michael suggested MobileEyes as a solution as a result of his experience at another FD.

The MobileEyes solutions allow Brighton Area Fire Authority to comply with firefighter right-to-know requirements by getting the information out of the filing cabinets and into the hands of the incident commanders & fire officers.

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Scott Vanderbrook

Fire Chief

Estero Fire Rescue

"We might have needed to hire a new inspector but because our inspectors became more efficient we were able to put off that hire for at least another year"

Estero fire rescue needed to hire a new inspector or reevaluate their inspection process to keep up with demand. They chose the latter and selected MobileEyes.

Before they had MobileEyes, Estero Fire Rescue was spending more time in the office than where they needed to be... (in the field). After implementing the new solution, Scott was able to put off hiring an additional inspector for more than a year and their current inspectors became more efficient. Now they exceed the requirements for annual inspections, giving them time to get back out and complete the pre-plans, which has lowered their ISO rating from a 3 to a 2.

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John Reed

Division Chief / Fire Marshal

Sarasota County Fire Department

"We were looking for a solution that would allow us to totally move to an electronic format"

The Sarasota County Fire Department was looking for a solution where they could transition from paper documents to an all-electronic format.

Before MobileEyes, they struggled with an efficient inspection process like many fire departments. The reporting and documentation process takes a lot of administrative hours and effort.

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