About Us

We enable a safer world through innovative life safety software and responsive support.

In 2002, the founders of MobileEyes saw a need for digital public safety inspections.

MobileEyes software products improve public safety—our inspection products facilitate fire and structural safety while our other applications support emergency response.

Our software applications serve federal, state and local government agencies, universities, and private companies of all sizes. MobileEyes has become a highly trusted and respected brand recognized for exceptional products and unparalleled customer support.

Many fire departments, fire prevention agencies, building departments, and sprinkler and alarm contractors still rely on various codebooks and hand-written forms to conduct safety inspections, prepare first responders and ensure their communities are safe. These approaches are outdated and inefficient. By creating a suite of software applications targeted to various sectors of public safety we hope to help facilitate better communication, more accurate reporting, and ultimately enable a safer world.